#FestivalOfSleepDay 3 January 😴

This should be an official holiday!  Because it is simply a necessity to keep us sane 🙂

The 3rd of January should be spent recovering from the holiday and New Year festivities. (Especially from the bitch-slap massacre called “2016”). Some much-needed chilltime after overindulging on every possible level – eating too much, thinking too much, tolerating too much, drinking too much and usually sleeping too little.

I am not going to preach the benefits (and necessity) of getting a good night’s sleep – we all know it by now.  (And some of us don’t get enough shut eye in general anyway – myself definitely included!) #reallifeissues #adulting

Anyway, I digress!

Festival of Sleep Day should be spent chilling as hard as possible – preferably in your PJs. If you don’t HAVE to get out of bed, don’t!

Recharge your batteries, aim for a new record – taking numerous naps in one day!  Be as useless as possible. Laaaaazy!

I am definitely celebrating this day with enthusiasm! Also because this is the last day of my holiday. Sigh! Again #adultingsucks

PS: I managed to move to the sleeper couch now!


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