Urban Foodie and the Thirst for Blood

Yes, I know!  It made me sit up straight as well!  “An evening filled with explorations of the darker side of food – the color and theme will be BLOOD”?

Urban Foodie Blood 5 May

Really tickling my fancy!  I guess deep undercover I am still that goth girl I was when I was a student, and yes – you can judge me – but for a while I was fully rooting for Team Edward *blush*  Yes, I said it.  Will it help if I say I was into Lestat instead?

But this is so much more than just getting a crush on a bloodsucking boy in a movie.  Just listen to this:

The Urban Foodie club plans to start autumn off with a bang – by celebrating the darkern, untold side of food.  Six courses paired with Schwepps and Dia Doche – and each course is especially created to keep you on your toes.  What does this theme really mean? How will ‘blood’ be served?  You really can’t miss out on this!

Let me also tell you a little bit more about the Urban Foodie Club:

It was lauched in January 2016, with the aim to host unique and interesting foodie events once a month.  Since the lauch every event has sold out weeks in advance due to the popularity – and because a very limited number of guests (50 maximum) are hosted.  You will leave then end of the night, having a true experience to remember!

Book your tickets ASAP via email to marketing@silvasale.co.za

I plan to keep you in the loop about upcoming events.  You can also follow the Urban Foodie Facebook page for more information and other exciting events planned:  Silva Sale Catering Events – Wanderers Club


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