Mix Like a Legend!

Gordon's Mix

I can’t think of a better way to start a brand new month!  Making legendary connections with Gordon’s Gin!  #GordonsLegends

This exciting event took place on the 1st of April, and firstly I must say – what a fab venue!  I’ve heard about the Copper Bar in Bryanston before and it is just a few blocks from my office, so it was great to finally be able to check it out.

And the set-up was beautiful!  Bright colours and comfy couches – complimenting the vibrance of a sunny Jozi day.  And boy, the weather was ideal for gin-sipping!

So, I’m here now, how do I connect with people?  Gordon’s Gin takes care of all social awkardness for you (it even worked for my husband)!  I loved this concept:  everyone received a wristband as you walked in.  Representing one of each of the 6 gin cocktails available at the 2 bars.


Okay, what now – so I must have that specific cocktail?


Okay, that’s easy!  Bring on The Rickey!


I must first find someone with a similar colour wristband before I can grab this cocktail at the bar?


Frantically searching for someone who’s got the same green-colour wristband!

Takes 2.4 seconds.

Hey, I’m Roelia – wanna grab a Rickey?

Cool!  I’m Lerato – let’s go!

Chatting to Lerato while bardudes whip up our cocktails.

Get a new different colour wristband than Lerato.

Purple – The Bramble.

Thanks Lerato! Cheers!  See you later!

Go back to buddies, sip gin, snack on fabulous little gorgonzola bites.


Chat, sip and mingle while keeping an eye on everyone who passes you.  Watching their wrists.  This heat man – I stay thirsty!  Yay Purple!

Hey, I’m Roelia – wanna grab a Bramble?

And so forth! What a great concept! Mingle, network, meet fellow legends.

A bit more about Gordon’s Gin.  It was first produced in London in 1769. And is the largest selling gin in the world as well as in South Africa. That is an impressive history, not so?  And it goes from strenght to strenght!  A legendary brand indeed!


It was such a fantastic opportunity to spend time with real life legends, and to hang out with some fab friends and make new ones!  Thanks Gordon’s Gin – it was truely l-e-g-e-n-d-a-r-y!  And a special thank you to JoziFoodWhore who did a sterling job organising!



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